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DevExpress DXCore framework services list

September 27th, 2010

Here is the list of services (and a few properties) DevExpress DXCore provides, which are accessible through the main CodeRush object:

Name Description
ActionHint Provides methods for manipulating of action hints and tweaking its settings for the current Visual Studio session.
Actions This is not a service, but a property to access the collection of actions registered in the DXCore.
Adornments Provides methods and properties to the graphic adornments architecture.
ApplicationObject This is not a service, but a useful property that returns an EnvDTE object of the DXCore add-in instance. Note that it is hidden from Intellisense.
Assembly Provides access to plug-in assemblies of the DXCore Framework. Note that it is hidden from Intellisense.
BigHint Provides methods for manipulating of big hints such as creating new ones and showing at the specified position.
Breakpoint Provides methods for retrieving and toggling breakpoints in the IDE code editor.
Caret Provides methods and properties for the code editor text caret (cursor). Allows moving, hiding, showing the caret and making text operations such as text insertion, deletion, and retrieving for the current caret position.
Clipboard Provides access to the Windows clipboard. Contains methods for checking, retrieving, copying, cutting and pasting clipboard contents into the code editor.
CodeMod Code modification service provides methods for the code generation and code provider extensions.
CodeStyle Provides properties for the current code style settings, specified on the “Editor | Code Style” category option pages in the Options Dialog.
Color Provides methods for operations with a color, such as blending, brightening, inverting, etc.
Command Provides access to the DXCore actions and Visual Studio command services.
Constants Contains DXCore global constants for text commands.
Content Provides services for content providers, such as refactoring provider, code provider, and navigation provider.
Context Responsible for the DXCore contexts system. Provides access to context providers and methods that report whether specified context is satisfied.
Contract Provides access to the registered contract providers used in the Add Contract code provider.
Debugger Provides access to the Visual Studio debugger and its current mode properties.
Designer Provides methods for Windows Forms design-time support.
Dialogs Provides methods for a DXCore internal dialogs manipulation.
Documents Provides methods and properties for text documents manipulation.
DynamicLists Provides methods for working with dynamic lists. Note, that it is only used internally, and hidden from Intellisense.
Editor Provides methods and properties for the IDE code editor.
EditPoints Provides methods for manipulating DXCore EditPoints. Note that it is hidden from Intellisense.
Feature Provides methods for working with the What Happened window.
File Provides methods for file reading, writing, editing, etc.
Graphics Provides methods for GDI graphic manipulation.
GUIDs Provides access to the window GUIDs.
Hints Provides access to hinting services for showing shortcut hints, big feedback, and other discoverability services.
History Stores execution history lists of text commands, string providers and regex aliases.
IDE Provides access to the main Visual Studio IDE.
Intellassist Provides methods for Intellassist manipulation (e.g. suspending, resuming, canceling) and corresponding properties.
Issues Provides methods and properties for the Code Issues engine.
Key Provides access to keystrokes, key names, and key mapping methods and properties.
Language Provides access to the programming language service, including access to LanguageExtensions.
LinkedIdentifiers Provides access to the LinkedIdentifers engine manipulation.
Markers Markers services (e.g., dropping, swapping, and collecting markers in source code).
Menus Provides access to DXCore and Visual Studio menus.
Navigation Provides access to the navigation providers’ engine.
Options Provides methods and properties for manipulation of options pages and decoupled storages.
Outline Provides access to the editor outlining allowing you to collapse, expand, and toggle outlining.
PlugInExtensions Provides access to registered plug-in extensions.
Profiling Provides access to profiling (internal diagnostic) tasks.
Progress Provides access to the Progress Visualizer engine.
Project Provides access to the start-up project, active project, and count of opened projects.
ProjectItems Contains a single property returning the project item for the active document.
Refactoring Provides methods and properties for refactoring support.
Reflection Provides access to useful .NET reflection methods.
RegEx Provides access to the regular expression search engine.
Resources Contains shared resources for use in plug-ins.
Searchers Provides access to Rename as well as Navigation Search Providers.
Selection Text selection and active edit point services.
Serialization Provides methods for objects serialization (saving and loading).
SmartTags Provides access to the smart tags manipulation methods.
Solution Provides methods for solution items manipulation, such as adding a file, directory, etc.
Source Provides access to the source model services.
Strings Provides methods for manipulation of string providers.
StrUtil Provides strings utility methods.
Synchronization Provides methods for synchronizing thread code on Visual Studio’s foreground thread.
Templates Provides CodeRush code template and text expansion services.
Test Provides services for the functional tests runner.
TextBuffers Provides low-level access to text buffers open (visibly or invisibly) in Visual Studio.
TextClassification Provides methods for Visual Studio 2010 text classification manipulation.
TextCommands Text Commands services (used internally by the DXCore to register and access text commands).
TextExpansions Provides methods and properties for expanding dynamic text (e.g., CodeRush Templates). Note that it is hidden from Intellisense.
TextFields Provides access to the Text Fields engine.
TextViews Provides methods and properties for text views manipulation.
ThirdPartyExtensions Provides access to the third-party extensions installed into Visual Studio 2010, e.g. Microsoft Productivity Power Tools.
ToolWindows Provides methods for DXCore tool windows manipulation.
UndoStack Provides access to the undo context and undo/redo stack services.
UnitTests Provides methods for executing and debugging unit tests cases, and test collection.
Version Provides DXCore version information services.
VSSettings Provides access to the Visual Studio settings (Visual Studio version, code editor font, tab size, syntax highlight colors, etc.).
Windows Provides methods for windows manipulation.
Wizards Provides access to the DXCore Wizards services. Note that it is hidden from Intellisense.
XPO Provides services for the Xpress Persistent Objects framework from DevExpress.
Products: DXCore
Versions: 12.1 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and up
Updated: Jun/13/2012
ID: D015

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