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DXCore Services – Version

November 28th, 2011

The Version DXCore service provides DXCore/IDE Tools version information.

Property name Description
Build Returns the build number as a string.
Classification Returns the release state (e.g. “Beta“, “Early Experience“, “Release Candidate“, etc).
FullName Returns the full version number of this product (e.g. “11.2 (Beta)“).
Major Returns the major version number as a string.
MajorDotMinor Returns the major version number and minor version numbers separated by a dot “.” (e.g. “1.0”).
Minor Returns the minor version number as a string.
Revision Returns the revision number as a string.
Version Returns the Version (DevExpress.CodeRush.Common) instance for the current product.
VERSION_Build Returns the build number.
VERSION_Major Returns the major version number.
VERSION_Minor Returns the minor version number.
VERSION_Revision Returns the revision number.
Products: DXCore
Versions: 11.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Nov/28/2011
ID: D133

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