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DXCore Linked Identifiers feature

December 25th, 2010

Linked Identifiers are a built-in feature of DXCore, which allows you to simultaneously change similar pieces of the text (code) located in different places. If you change one linked identifier, the others that are associated with it will automatically be changed as well. For instance, linked identifiers are enabled when you apply the Rename refactoring.

DXCore Linked identifiers preview

There are two types of linked identifiers:

  • Simple, single-document linked identifiers

These linked identifiers are connected to a single text document only. Link information of such identifiers is not persisted, so if you close and reopen a file, all the links located in that file will be lost.

  • Complex, multi-document linked identifiers

These linked identifiers can exist in several source files, no matter if they are opened or not. If you close all files where associated link identifiers reside, they will stay alive when you reopen one of the files.

To change the text of a linked identifier, simply place the editor caret inside a link and enter the new text. When the linked identifier is active, the following actions are available:




Enter orNum Enter Break All Linked Identifiers Accepts changes in all linked identifiers in the currently active list.
Ctrl+Enter Break Linked Identifier Removes the currently active linked identifier from the active list.
Tab Select Next Linked Identifier Selects the next linked identifier.
Shift+Tab Select Previous Linked Identifier Selects the previous linked identifier.

Breaking identifiers actions are available via the code editor context menu as well:

DXCore Linked identifiers in context menu

You can customize the key bindings on the Shortcuts options page in the Options Dialog. Appearance options for the linked identifiers are available on the Editor | Painting | Linked Identifiers options page:

DXCore Linked identifiers options page

Products: DXCore, CodeRush, Refactor!
Versions: 10.2 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Aug/30/2010
ID: D052

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