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This site is about the DevExpress IDE Tools: CodeRush, Refactor! and DXCore. CodeRush and Refactor! are built on the DevExpress DXCore – a free Visual Studio extensibility framework. You can try or buy CodeRush with a Refactor! Pro subscription or the individual Refactor! product. The trial period for IDE Tools lasts for 30 days. There is also a completely free CodeRush Xpress version with a meaningful subset of the functionality of the full CodeRush Pro version.

CodeRush and Refactor! includes many features that are divided into code-development categories and tasks, such as: code analysis and navigation, code generation and declaration, advanced selection and clipboard tools, visualization and tool windows, unit testing and refactorings.

To learn more about the DevExpress IDE Tools features, I would suggest visiting the following links:


CodeRush Overview
CodeRush Pro features set

CodeRush Xpress features set

Getting up to speed with IDE tools
Differences between CodeRush Pro and CodeRush Xpress


Refactorings list
Code Providers


If you are a heavy Visual Studio and/or DXCore user, and would like to create your own DXCore plug-ins, read the following topics about the DXCore:

Plug-ins overview
Abstract source tree structure
How to parse source code
DXCore Services

There are also numerous open source plug-in samples shipped in CodeRush Pro and here, on this site. If you would like to see a new topic describing a feature or a “how to” article, and think that it would be useful for other users, please leave a comment or e-mail it directly to the author on the Feedback page. Thanks in advance and have fun.

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