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CodeRush Xpress navigation features

July 4th, 2010

CodeRush Xpress includes seven powerful navigation features to make getting to that important location fast and easy.

Camel Case Navigation

You can move among the lowercase-to-uppercase transitions using Camel Case Nav. This feature is useful when you want to rename an identifier and change the name in a manner that keeps a portion of the existing camel case identifier.

Collect Marker

Markers are navigation waypoints that remember important locations you’ll need to move to in the future. Collect Marker moves the caret to the topmost marker within the stack, and removes this marker (Esc key).

Structural Highlighting

Structural Highlighting helps you visually navigate the structure of the code. Matching delimiters are connected with low-contrast lines that are easy to read when this information is important, and easy to ignore when your mind is on the code.

Tab to Next Reference*

This feature highlights all references, and enables you to navigate among them with ease. Place the caret inside an identifier, type reference, or namespace, and press Tab. As a result, all references on screen will be underlined, and the next reference will be selected.

Highlight All References*

This feature is visually similar to Tab to Next Reference, however it does not move the caret.

Quick Navigation*

This tool window lets you find identifiers fast. To display the Quick Navigation window, hit Ctrl+Shift+Q. The window is modeless, and will be hidden if it loses focus. To manually hide the window, use ESC key.

Quick File Navigation*

Quickly find and open any file in your solution.

* Note: feature is not included into CodeRush Xpress in Visual Studio 2010 due to a Microsoft requirement. See the “CodeRush Xpress features differences in Visual studio 2008 and 2010″ post for more info.

Products: CodeRush Xpress
Versions: 11.2 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and 2010
Updated: Sep/27/2010
ID: C004

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