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CodeRush Pro navigation features

August 2nd, 2010

CodeRush Pro includes numerous powerful navigation features, such as:


Markers are navigation waypoints that remember important locations you’ll need to move to in the future. Collect Marker moves the caret to the topmost marker within the stack, and removes this marker (ESC key). Use the Alt+Home key combination to manually drop markers.


CodeRush Pro enables you to mark important code locations you are going to move to in the future. This feature is provided by Bookmarks. To toggle a bookmark on a current cursor position, press Ctrl+Plus Sign. You can also toggle a bookmark with a certain identifier, if it is less then or equal to 9. To do this, press Ctrl+Alt+Number. After you toggled a bookmark, it exists until you delete it. That is, it will not be deleted if you close and reopen a solution containing the bookmark. The number of bookmarks contained in a solution is unlimited.

Camel Case Navigation

You can move among the lowercase-to-uppercase transitions using Camel Case Nav. This feature is useful when you want to rename an identifier and change the name in a manner that keeps a portion of the existing camel case identifier.

Click Identifier

Click Identifier allows you to navigate to the declaration of the identifier under the mouse cursor by a single mouse left click when the Ctrl key is held down.

Navigation Providers

Navigation Providers Engine is an extensible architecture that allows you to easily navigate inside your code structure and particular code fragments. There are dozens of nav providers shipped with CodeRush. To see available navigation providers in the current context, press the Ctrl+Alt+N shortcut inside the code editor.

Tab to Next Reference

This feature highlights all references, and enables you to navigate among them with ease. Place the caret inside an identifier, type reference, or namespace, and press Tab. As a result, all references on screen will be underlined, and the next reference will be selected.

Highlight All References

This feature is visually similar to Tab to Next Reference, however it does not move the caret.

Quick Navigation

This tool window lets you find identifiers fast. To display the Quick Navigation window, hit Ctrl+Shift+Q. The window is modeless, and will be hidden if it loses focus. To manually hide the window, use ESC key.

Quick File Navigation

Quickly find and open any file in your solution.

Expression Focus

The feature enables you to navigate through expressions. Use the following shortcuts to move to the next or previous expression: Ctrl+Alt+Tab – moves focus to the next expression, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Tab – moves focus to the previous expression.

Navigation Through Logical Blocks

CodeRush Pro enables you to navigate within your code by logical blocks. You can move from one sibling element to another, or move to an element’s children or parents.

Open Files

The Open Files tool window lists files that are currently open, and lets you easily activate any file in the list with a single click. To open the window, click the DevExpress | Tool Windows | Open Files main menu item.


The References window allows you to find all references for any identifier in entire solution. The window finds the references much faster than Visual Studio’s Find All Reference feature. You can also review the source code with reference, group and sort references.

Recent Files

The Recent Files tool window lists the files that were recently accessed, and lets you easily activate any file in the list with a double click. To open the window, click the File | Browse Recent Files main menu item.

Step Into Member

This feature allows you to step into the member at the caret when debugging. Just place the caret on the member you want to drill into, and press Ctrl+Shift+F11, or click the Step Into Member button on the DXCore Visualize toolbar. Program execution will jump to the first statement inside the method or property at the caret.

Table Size UI

The feature is used to easily create a table in an HTML document, and navigate within this table.
Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 12.1 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and up
Updated: Oct/12/2012
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