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CodeRush Xpress features set

July 3rd, 2010

CodeRush Xpress is a powerful developer productivity tool from DevExpress. The product is free, licensed by Microsoft on behalf of all developers working in Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 in all paid-for product alternatives (e.g., Standard, Professional, Team System). CodeRush Xpress fully supports all language features of Visual Basic and C#. Note, however, that CodeRush Xpress will not load in the Express Editions of Visual Studio because 3rd party extensibility is not supported, and not allowed in Express editions.

CodeRush Xpress includes features that support common developer tasks in the following areas:


CodeRush Xpress includes seven powerful navigation features to make getting to that important location fast and easy, such as Camel Case Navigation, Collect Marker, Structural Highlighting, Tab to Next Reference, Highlight All References, Quick Navigation, Quick File Navigation.


CodeRush Xpress includes five intelligent features for selecting code more efficiently, such as Camel Case Select, Selection Increase, Selection Reduce, Smart Cut/Copy and Paste Replace.


CodeRush Xpress includes powerful features to intelligently declare types (classes, structures, and interfaces), properties, methods, fields, local variables and so much more.


Code refactoring is a powerful way to improve the quality and flexibility of your code, without changing program behavior. Well-refactored code costs less to maintain, is easier to extend, and is a more valuable asset than code that is allowed to accumulate technical debt (also referred to as design debt).

CodeRush Xpress includes over 60 refactorings, and nearly all work in both CSharp and Visual Basic. A few refactorings are available in only a single language due to features of that particular language.

Products: CodeRush Xpress
Versions: 11.2 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and 2010
Updated: Sep/27/2012
ID: C003

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