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DevExpress CodeRush Pro

June 27th, 2010

CodeRush is a powerful Visual Studio® .NET add-in that enhances the developer experience by accelerating developer and team productivity via an integrated suite of technologies. CodeRush integrates with Visual Studio to automate common code creation tasks, and to simplify code investigation. It clearly shows a code structure, and creates typical code blocks with a minimum of effort. You can create new code blocks with only a few keystrokes, or with a few clicks. Features are organized into three categories: code creation, navigation, and visualization. Features can be chained together to dramatically increase developer speed and efficiency. CodeRush is built on the DXCore engine.

Key advantages and features of CodeRush:

  • Easy code investigation
  • Automation of common code creation tasks
  • Easy search and navigation to a required code location
  • Fast and easy selection
  • On-the-fly code issues search
  • Easy and effective mastering of CodeRush features

Write better code faster using CodeRush templates, consume-first declaration, and advanced selection & clipboard features. Improve code with powerful refactorings, background code issue analysis & fixes. Run tests faster. Rename faster. Find all references faster. No tool is more efficient than CodeRush.

Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: all
VS IDEs: 2005 and up
Updated: Sep/19/2011
ID: C002

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