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IDE Tools trial period, expiration and registration processes

March 31st, 2011

Full versions of CodeRush Pro and Refactor! Pro have a free trial period that lasts for 30 days. The trial period starts once these products are installed. The functionality of the standard products, when installed in trial mode, is not reduced during this period.

Unfortunately, there’s no place where you can see in what mode your IDE Tools are installed – trial or registered. However, there are a few options which may let you know when your tools will expire. These options are available on the Evaluation page in the Options Dialog:

IDETools Evaluation options page

Available options:

  • Show evaluation welcome screen on startup.

Specifies whether to show the Evaluation Welcome Screen after IDE Tools are loaded manually or automatically on Visual Studio startup. This is what it looks like:

IDETools Welcome Screen

Here, you can see the list of products installed with a brief description, and it’s evaluation period range. Uncheck the “Show this message in future sessions.” checkbox, if you don’t want to see this dialog again.

Once your trial period is over, the dialog will suggest updating the products:

IDETools Thank You Screen

  • Show “Evaluation Plug-ins Expired” message on startup.

Specifies whether the Evaluation Plug-ins Expiration dialog is shown, if the plug-ins are going to expire soon. This is what it looks like:

IDETools Evaluation Plug-Ins Will Expire dialog

Here, you can see the list of the plug-ins that are going to expire with a few details about them, and the expiration date.

  • Warn when system time falls before evaluation plug-ins start time.

This option shows the same Evaluation Welcome Screen, actually.

  • Buy Now

This button opens the Order page from the www.DevExpress.com web site, where you are able to purchase any DevExpress product. The order page will be available after you close the Options dialog.

IDE Tools registration

If you have installed IDE Tools in trial mode and then purchased a license, you can register the tools using the same installer file that you used for trial mode installation. Run it once again, and select the Register option:

DevExpress Register Installation

If you don’t have the Register button, chose the Modify option instead. Enter your account details on the next screen:

DevExpress Login Information Page

Note, you may encounter a few issues, if you have purchased the DXperience subscription and IDE tools subscription for different accounts. This is a well-known peculiarity of the DXperience unified installer: it allows you to input only one set of DevExpress account credentials. That means that, when you switch to a different account, all other products linked to another account will be uninstalled, because they are not licensed for the first account. As the most effective way out, DevExpress can add a CodeRush and Refactor Pro! license to your main account, to allow you to install them with the DXperience subscription. To do so, contact DevExpress Client Services Dept. (ClientServices@devexpress.com), and provide information about both your accounts.

Products: CodeRush Pro and Refactor! Pro
Versions: 10.2 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Apr/01/2011
ID: T046

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