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CodeRush – Shared Source Solution

September 22nd, 2010

CodeRush Pro is shipping with a plug-ins sample solution called “Shared Source”. It has several projects with open source plug-ins that are intended for learning plug-ins development using the DXCore framework. This solution is located inside your installation folder, e.g.:

C:\Program Files\DevExpress 2010.1\IDETools\System\CodeRush\SOURCES

You’re welcome to modify and compile the source code as you like.

Here’s the table of plug-ins available with the brief descriptions. Click on the plug-in name for more details, if appropriate.

Plug-in name Description


CR_ClipboardHistory One of the biggest source code plug-ins that shows the recent history of clipboard operations in a configurable window. The history can optionally persist across Visual Studio sessions.

CR_CommentHighlighter This feature paints the ” TODO:” comment part in a low-contrast color, and the rest of the to-do text in a different, higher-contrast color.
CR_CommentPainter The plug-in with a single “Comment Painter” feature draws a bubble icon over the comment “//” symbols in C#, or “’” (single quote) in Visual Basic. The source code shows how to paint bitmaps on the code editor.
CR_ConvertToInteger Contains a sample code for the “Convert to Integer” code provider, which converts an expression to an integer, using a call to Math.Ceiling() (or Math.Floor() or Math.Round()).
CR_DropMarkerBeforeJump The plug-in listens for the “Edit.GoToDefinition” Visual Studio command, and drops a marker before it is executed, so you can easily to go back once you finish navigation to definitions.
CR_EnumAssist An Intellassist extension plug-in that suggests enumeration values in the appropriate places (e.g. when you’re going to type one of the enumeration elements).
CR_ForEach Implements the “ForEach” TextCommand, which allows templates to iterate through different kinds of language elements.
CR_GoogleThis This plug-in allows you to google the word/ identifier at the text caret.
CR_Intellassist The main plug-in for the Intellassist support of CodeRush.
CR_LineHighlighter Contains the “Line Highlighter” feature, which paints the current line in the code editor with a different background color.
CR_MemberMover Allows you to move members into regions by clicking on the Member Icon.
CR_MemberOrg Organizes members into logical groups that you define. Member Mover can wrap members into regions and specify a comment starting before each members group.
CR_PathAssist This is another Intellassist extension plug-in that suggests physical paths for files on your hard drive as you type them inside of a string.
CR_RightMarginLine Paints a vertical line at the column you specify. The line is completely configurable on the appropriate options page, e.g. line color, line style, line width, line opacity, etc.
CR_ShowMetrics Displays a different kind of metrics information to the left or right of a member declaration inside the code editor.
CR_Sounds Plays a specific sound file to notify a user when a feature is being performed.
CR_StructuralHighlighting Draws the light low-contrast vertical lines connecting matching block delimiters (e.g., “{” and “}” in C#, for example).
CR_TemplateGoto Adds the GoTo text command, which takes a single parameter, used to indicate the type of code to locate and there, insert a text expansion.
CR_VSHelpers Adds an option to make the most-recently-added project the startup project. Contains the “Collapse to Projects” feature as well.
CR_XmlDocCommentPainter Paints over XML Doc Comments in the editor, representing them in a nice-looking visual style, improving its readability.
Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 11.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Oct/18/2011
ID: C023

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