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Getting up to speed with IDE tools

August 16th, 2010

How to learn the product tips:

  • Dock the CodeRush Training window (DevExpress | Tool Windows | CodeRush) next to the editor. The CodeRush Training tool window shows you features that can be used while the cursor is at the current position, and is designed to help you learn much of CodeRush and Refactor! without diving into the User Guide.
  • Read the User Guide. From the DevExpress menu select “User Guide”. Use the tree list to drill into topics of interest.
  • Access training videos through the DevExpress menu or via this link.
  • Watch online videos at DevExpress TV Channel.
  • Subscribe to this blog.

Useful features to get up to speed:

  • Code navigation features
    • Press Alt+Home to drop a stack-based marker. Press Esc to collect it. Markers are navigation waypoints that help you find your way back through important points in your code.
    • Navigate through all references to the identifier or type at the caret, by pressing the Tab key (Shift+Tab navigates back, and/or Esc brings you to the place where you first pressed Tab).
  • Code selectionfeatures
    • Widen the selection by logical blocks by pressing Num+ on the numeric keypad, or Ctrl+W. Once a selection has been widened, you can reduce it using Num- on the numeric keypad, or Ctrl+Shift+W.
    • Wrap multi-line selections in try/catch blocks by pressing the letter “c“. Look to the training window for more wrapping shortcuts, when the selection extends beyond two or more lines.
  • Code generation features
    • Create code blocks with the template (e.g. type the letter “b“, and then press the spacebar to get brace block pairs in C#, C++ or JavaScript or, similarly, you can wrap a multi-line selection inside braces by pressing the letter “b“).
    • Use the Refactor! key for TDD-style development. Create your client calls first, and then press the Refactor! key to declare methods, classes, structures, interfaces, fields, locals, etc.
  • Code helpers and refactorings

There are many more tips to come…

Products: DXCore, CodeRush, Refactor!
Versions: all
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Nov/29/2012
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