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Differences between CodeRush Pro and CodeRush Xpress

April 1st, 2011

Let’s compare the feature sets of the free CodeRush Xpress version and full CodeRush Pro version bundled with Refactor! Pro. Remember, that CodeRush Xpress is completely free to all Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 C# and Visual Basic developers. Its features are listed on the appropriate page.

The table below is almost a full list of features these two products provide. The comparison is made in the following areas:

Some feature lists are shortened to reduce the size of the table. For example, CodeRush Pro includes over 120+ code issues but CodeRush Xpress has none of them. So the full list is not published, however, you can see the lists by clicking the appropriate links that follow to other posts with additional information.

Feature CR X CR Pro
Code Analysis A background static analysis and code issues technology for your source code with over 125+ code issues providing suggestions and errors with instant code fixes.
The ultimate Duplicate Detection and Consolidation feature for finding and eliminating code duplications.
Code Generation Code Templates technology. Code templates are like Visual Studio’s code snippets on steroids. They’re extensible, more powerful, easier to use, and include their own editor.
Smart Constructor
Over 20 code providers specially dedicated for the consume-first code declaration.
Coding Helpers Duplicate Line
Member Mover
Member Organizer
Scope Cycle
Smart Enter
Smart Parentheses
Smart Brackets
Code Providers More than 30 additional code providers for different code changing tasks. (partially)
Navigation Markers (partially)
Camel Case Navigation
Click Identifier
Navigation Providers
Tab to Next Reference
Highlight All References
Quick Navigation
Quick File Navigation
Expression Focus
Navigation Through Logical Blocks
Open Files
Recent Files
Step Into Member
Table Size UI
Selection Camel Case Select
Quick Comment/Uncomment
Selection Increase/Reduce
Selection Embedding
Selection Inversion
Visualization Comment Painter
Comment Highlighter
Element Highlighting
Flow Break Evaluation
Line Highlighter
Member Icons
Region Painting
Right Margin Line
Show Color
Show Metrics
Spell Checker
Structural Highlighting
Xml Doc Comments Painter



Smart Cut/Copy
Intelligent Paste
Paste Replace
Clipboard History
Testing Tools The fastest Unit Test Runner executes your unit tests, navigates through tests, and facilitates processing test results. Supports the most known testing frameworks, such as NUnit, MbUnit, VS TestingSilverlight Testing, xUnit and others.
Refactorings See the full comparison table of the refactorings shipped in different products. The columns to the right show the number of refactorings shipped with the product. 58 200+
Code Metrics Window

Another difference between CodeRush Pro and CodeRush Xpress is in the number of supporting programming languages. CodeRush Xpress supports only CSharp and Visual Basic, while CodeRush Pro supports many more languages.

Also, CodeRush Pro ships with additional Shared Source solution, which has several projects with open source plug-ins that are intended for learning plug-ins development using the DXCore framework.

Products: CodeRush Pro, CodeRush Xpress
Versions: 12.1 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and up
Updated: Oct/12/2012
ID: C013

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