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CodeRush Pro visualization features

December 6th, 2010

CodeRush Pro ships with the following code editor visualization features:

Comment Painter

The Comment Painter feature draws a bubble icon over the comment “//” symbols in CSharp, or “ ‘ ” (single quote) in Visual Basic.

Comment Highlighter

Comment Highlighter is intended to visually highlight your TODO comments; it can either increase the contrast of entire TODO comment or completely change the color of both TODO word and the rest of the comment.

Element Highlighting

Element Highlighting paints identifiers in a different color according to your preference. It can paint the following elements: classes, enumerations, interfaces, structures, methods, properties, fields and events.

Flow Break Evaluation

Flow Break Evaluation Icons are visual indicators appearing in the code editor at the end of lines containing code that can alter the flow of program execution. Flow break Evaluation is useful when reviewing complex code with multiple loops and/or breaks – these icons are drawn near the flow language keywords (see the table below) which help you understand the code flow evaluation.

Line Highlighter

The feature highlights the current line in the code editor with a color of your choice.

Member Icons

The Member Icons feature shows small icons over each member (method, property, field, etc) or type (class, struct, interface, etc). These icons appear to the left of a target member or type and. There are two groups of icons that can be shown.

Region Painting

Region Painting paints region directives (#region, #endregion) in a different way than Visual Studio, to reduce the visual noise associated with these directives when the region is expanded. If your code is full of regions, the Region Painting feature will definitely help you to concentrate and focus on the code blocks instead of insignificant stuff.

Right Margin Line

The Right Margin Line feature helps you to visually indicate the specified line length.

Show Color

Show Color highlights color references found in your source code, providing a way to quickly change the color right inside the code editor using the powerful Color Choose dialog. The feature works in all supported languages.

Show Metrics

The Show Metrics visualization feature is indented to evaluate code metrics right in the code editor while you are writing and/or reviewing the code. It shows a specific code metric for each method, property or event (with add and remove methods) near its declaration:

Spell Checker

Spell Checker underlines the misspelled words inside the code editor. It can check spelling in strings, comments, XML comments, and HTML elements against a built-in dictionary.

Structural Highlighting

Structural Highlighting helps you visually navigate the structure of the code. Matching delimiters are connected with low-contrast lines that are easy to read when this information is important, and easy to ignore when your mind is on the code.

XML Doc Comments Painter

The feature paints over XML doc comments in the code editor. It completely changes the presentation of XML doc comments right inside your source code, in a nice-looking form. You are able to change the font, font style, font color, and text background color for different tags of XML doc comments.


Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 12.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Oct/29/2012
ID: C040

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