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DevExpress DXCore Framework

June 25th, 2010

The DXCore provides services, wizards, and a visual extensibility framework designed to make it easy to extend Visual Studio. All products like CodeRush and Refactor! Pro were designed upon DXCore for Visual Studio® .NET. In the interest of encouraging developers to be pro-active about productivity, DevExpress is making available for general download of DXCore framework so that developers can build their own productivity plug-ins to extend the Visual Studio themselves using a simple visual framework for IDE extension. The DXCore is absolutely free for personal use but it is not open source.

DXCore uses a plug-in based architecture and gives you the ability to create anything from tool windows (hosting whatever code you want) to “Actions” (items which can be tied to keyboard shortcuts and context menus) and refactorings, with an extremely rich context system, and a language agnostic code generation engine. It provides a very nice abstraction layer on top of the Visual Studio. It is also written to be version agnostic, so plug-ins written against DxCore will work for VS 2005 and up.

Products: all
Versions: all
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Aug/30/2011
ID: D001


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