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Working with HTML tables using CodeRush

January 17th, 2012

Generating any-size HTML tables and navigating between table cells is very easy when you have DevExpress CodeRush installed. To create a new table just type “.t” inside the HTML markup and press the Space bar. This code snippet template will execute the Table Size UI feature of CodeRush, and the following tiny window will appear:

CodeRush Table Size UI window

This small window enables you to choose the size of the generated table. Set the columns and rows count by using the arrow keys:

CodeRush Set Table Dimentions Shortcuts

Once the size is set, press the Enter key to generate the table with the specified size, for example, this the 2×2 table created:

CodeRush - Generated 2x2 table sample

The Esc key cancels a specific-sized table creation and inserts a default table expansion:

CodeRush - Default table expansion

Another part of the Table Size UI feature is the ability to navigate between table cells using the Tab and Shift+Tab keys. Pressing Tab will move the editor caret to the next cell of the current table and show the ‘map’ of the table – the overall size of the table and the current cell that is highlighted in red:

CodeRush Table Navigation UI

If the cell you are navigating into has some content, it will be completely selected just in case you are going to replace it with new content:

CodeRush Table Navigation UI with selected content

Don’t forget the expansion of the Table Size UI feature – “.t“.

Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 11.2 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Jan/17/2012
ID: C155

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