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Quick Navigation inside Visual Studio using CodeRush

September 27th, 2012

The Quick Navigation feature allows you to find any code members inside your solution, such as classes, interfaces, structures, enumerations, delegates, methods, properties, events, fields locals and parameters. Once you hit the Ctrl+Shift+Q shorcut, the simplified Quick Navigation window will appear by default:

CodeRush Quick Navigation Default Window

The window is not modal and is not dockable, so that you can quickly hide it when you have navigated to the desired member or the window focus is lost.

The Quick Nav window has a Filter checkbox that indicates that the content of the members list is filtered by the member name entered in the text box right after the filter:

CodeRush Quick Navigation Simple Filter

Near the filter text value there are two options:

  • Show additional filter options;
  • Preview target location (by holding down the Ctrl key).

The main area of the window is the members list. The initial members list consists of all members if it is not filtered by the name or member type. The filter by the name text box has advanced filtering capabilities, such camel-case filtering. If you type an uppercase letter, the corresponding member names will be shown, e.g.:

CodeRush Quick Navigation Camel Case Filter

The uppercase letter entered in the text filter box are highlighted in red, and the other uppercase letters are highlighted in blue, so you can continue typing suggested letter candidates.

The advanced filtering options are accessible by pressing the ‘Show advanced filtering options’ button. There are four advanced filters:

CodeRush Quick Navigation Advanced Filter

By members:

Icon Filter Shortcut
  Methods Alt+M
  Properties Alt+P
  Events Alt+V
  Fields Alt+F
  Locals and parameters Alt+R

By types:

Icon Filter Shortcut
  Classes Alt+C
  Interfaces Alt+I
  Structures Alt+S
  Enumerations Alt+E
  Delegates Alt+D

By access (visibility):

Icon Filter Shortcut
  Private Alt+A
  Protected Alt+O
  Internal Alt+N
  Protected Internal Alt+T
  Public Alt+B

By scope:

Icon Filter Shortcut
  All files (incl. miscellaneous) Alt+Shift+A
  Current Solution Alt+Shift+S
  Current Project Alt+Shift+P
  Current Namespace Alt+Shift+N
  Current File Alt+Shift+F

If you right-click the filters, you can change the state of the filters group by choosing the corresponding menu item:

CodeRush Quick Navigation Filter Context Menu

Once all filters are tweaked as required, the members list will contain corresponding members. If there are members with equal names, you can show a full file name by right-clicking the members list and choosing the “Show qualifiers…” menu item:

CodeRush Quick Navigation List Context Menu

Enabling this option will display the full file paths to each member:

CodeRush Quick Navigation Full File Path

Hovering over a member name in the list will also show you an additional hint that displays the location of the member (e.g., class, namespace, file):

CodeRush Quick Navigation Member Hint

The second option on top near the name filter allows you to preview the chosen member by holding down the Ctrl key as follows:
The Quick Nav window and member preview are customizable. See the corresponding topic to learn more on how to customize the window and member preview, and create dedicated keyboard shortcuts with the predefined advanced filters.

Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 12.2 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and up
Updated: Sep/27/2012
ID: C190

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