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CodeRush and Visual Studio bookmarks

May 30th, 2012

When you work on large projects you may need to revisit several areas of your code on a regular basis. CodeRush allows you to store such important locations in the code and move back to them in the future by using bookmarks. Visual Studio provides a similar bookmarks feature, which allows you to mark places in your code that you would want to come back to. Let’s see what differences between the CodeRush and Visual Studio bookmarks are.


This is what Visual Studio (VS) and CodeRush (CR) bookmarks look like:

CodeRush and Visual Studio Bookmarks preview

A Visual Studio bookmark appears as a square-shaped glyph in the margin at the left of the code. There is also an option (uncheck the Options | Text Editor | Indicator margin option, then go to Fonts and Colors and change the background color of the Bookmark display item) for VS bookmarks to highlight the entire marked line, so it might look like this:

Visual Studio bookmark line preview

CodeRush bookmarks have an index indicator starting from 1 to infinity. It allows you to visually remember several bookmarks and their associated position:

CodeRush bookmark index preview

VS bookmarks allow you to bookmark a line in your code, where as CR bookmarks may store an exact position of the editor caret, so you don’t have to move an editor caret later when you get back to a bookmark.


You can add and/or remove CR and VS bookmarks via a keyboard shortcut. Once a CR or VS bookmark is added, it is persisted between Visual Studio sessions.

CodeRush allows you to easily switch between the first ten (0..9) bookmarks at any time by hitting the specific shortcut. You can setup additional shortcuts to navigate to other particular bookmarks (10…~) on the Shortcuts options page in the Options Dialog.

VS bookmarks, on the other hand, do not have an index and have no associated shortcuts to navigate to the specific bookmark, but, instead, provide a tool window (View | Other Windows | Bookmark Window) that enumerates all VS bookmarks:

Visual Studio Bookmarks Tool Window

Hitting a particular shortcut might be faster in navigating to the specific location. VS bookmark feature only allows you to navigate between next and previous bookmarks using shortcuts.

VS bookmarks actions are also available on the Text Editor toolbar:

Visual Studio Text Editor Bookmarks Toolbar

and the Edit | Bookmarks menu item.


The following shortcuts are used for bookmarks:




Toggle bookmark Ctrl + Plus Ctrl+KCtrl+K
Toggle bookmark with a specific index (number) Ctrl + Alt + Number -
Remove last bookmark Ctrl + Minus -
Move to next bookmark Ctrl + Alt + Right Ctrl+KCtrl+N
Move to previous bookmark Ctrl + Alt + Left Ctrl+KCtrl+P
Move to specific bookmark Alt+Number
Clear all bookmarks Ctrl+KCtrl+L


Here is the comparison table for mentioned bookmark capabilities:




Toggle bookmark via shortcut
Toggle bookmark via mouse click
Navigation to particular column
Navigation to particular bookmarks
Visual index indicator
Tool Window
Persistence between sessions


CodeRush bookmarks may be faster to use because they have shortcuts to navigate to the specific bookmarks and have more precise navigation. If you use bookmarks extensively, Visual Studio bookmarks can be better organized with an extra level of organization using folders inside the Bookmarks tool window.

Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 11.2 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and up
Updated: May/30/2012
ID: C162

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