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How to assign a separate shortcut to a particular refactoring

August 18th, 2010

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It can be easily accomplished from the Shortcuts options page in the Options Dialog. Follow these steps to get to the Shortcuts options page:

1. From the DevExpress menu, select Options…

2. In the tree view on the left, navigate to this folder: IDE.

3. Select the Shortcuts options page. Here it is:

IDETools Shortcuts options page

To create a Shortcut:

1. Create a new folder by clicking the New Folder button.

2. Enter a folder name, e.g. “MyShortcuts” and check the “Make this a top-level folder” check box:

IDETools Creating shortcut to refactoring

3. Click the “New Keyboard Shortcut” button.

4. Enter a key for this shortcut into the “Key 1” text box (and into the “Key 2” text box if necessary).

5. Select “Refactor” from the Command combo box.

6. Enter the name of the particular refactoring in the Parameters text box. A valid name can be seen in the Catalog options page (Editor | Refactoring | Catalog).

7. Click OK to save your settings.

IDETools Creating shortcut to refactoring

The shortcut has been created. Now the refactoring specified in the Parameters (“Extract Method“) text box will be applied after pressing the shortcut key (CTRL+ALT+E in this example).

Products: Refactor! Pro and free editions of Refactor!
Versions: all
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Aug/22/2012
ID: T025

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