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How to disable support for specific languages in CodeRush

September 13th, 2010

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As you know, IDE Tools support several programming languages. Sometimes it is necessary to disable specific language support (disable parsing inside source files), for example, due to performance issues in a particular project. This can be easily achieved on the Parsing” options page in the Options Dialog.

Follow these steps to get to the Parsing options page:

1. From the DevExpress menu, select “Options…”.

2. In the tree view on the left, navigate to this folder:


3. Select the “Parsing” options page.

Note: this page level is Expert and will only be visible if the Level combo on the lower-left of the Options dialog is set to Expert.

4. Choose language extensions in the “Disabled language extensions” list.

Products: all
Versions: 12.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Oct/31/2012
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