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Coderush Intellassist configuration and options

October 18th, 2011

Intellassist feature of CodeRush has two options pages in the Options Dialog. Both of them configure this auto-complete feature and its extensions.

Activation options page

CodeRush Intellassist Activation options page

This page allows you to set the number of characters to match before Intellassist activates in three different contexts. The contexts are:

  • In Code – when you type a text inside the source code
  • In Strings – when you type a text inside the quotes of the string expression
  • In Comments – when you type a text inside a comment or an xml doc comment

You can set the default number of characters and individually for each Intellassist Extension available. The available providers are listed in the installed Intellassist plug-ins area. If you create your own extension using the corresponding Intellassist Extension DXCore control, you will see your extension in the list automatically if your plug-in is loaded.

Setup options page

CodeRush Intellassist Setup options page

This options page allows you to tweak the following options:

  • Enabled

Specifies whether or not Intellassist can provide any suggestions. If unchecked, you will not see the Intellassist functionality.

  • Show

Specifies the amount of idle time (in milliseconds) that should pass before suggestions are automatically offered.

  • Hide

Specifies two options when Intellassist suggestions should be automatically hidden. You can set the amount of idle time (in milliseconds) that should pass before suggestions are hidden, or the number of repeatedly ignored suggestions in a row after which Intellassist won’t show the suggestion any longer.

  • Case Sensitivity

Specifies the two case-sensitivity options when only exact case-sensitive matches should be offered: always or when you type the uppercase characters. Also, you can choose the color that is used to highlight the characters that do not match the case in which they have been typed, if case-sensitivity is allowed (checked).

  • Suggestion order and sorting

Specifies the sorting options – whether the suggestions are sorted alphabetically or by length. Also, you can move the recently-accepted suggestions to the top, so you will see them first in the list.

Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 11.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Oct/18/2011
ID: C135

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