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DXCore Components – Intellassist Extension

October 18th, 2011

The Intellassist Extension DXCore component participates in the CodeRush Intellassist feature and provides custom intelligent suggestions based on the current context.

You can drop the IntellassistExtension control onto your plug-in design surface from the “DXCore: Extensions & Providers” category of Visual Studio Toolbox:

DXCore IntellassistExtention on the Toolbox

Here’s the Properties window, containing available properties, their categories and default values:

DXCore IntellassistExtention properties

and the Events list:

DXCore IntellassistExtention events

The IntellassistExtension component is located in the “DevExpress.CodeRush.Extensions” assembly. It is derived from the “ExtensionBase” base type from the “DevExpress.CodeRush.Core” assembly:

DXCore IntellassistExtention hierarchy

Here’s a list of properties in alphabetical order with descriptions:

Property name


ActivationOverrides Specifies the default activation settings for this extension for a code, a string or comment context. Set three different values to specify a number (greater than zero) to override the Intellassist minimum character count settings for automatic activation in a specific context.
Description Text, describing the purpose or behavior of this plug-in extension. This text may appear inside the User Guide, configuration UI, or the About box.
DisplayName The text name that identifies this extension. This text may appear inside the User Guide, configuration UI, or the About box.
ExtensionName The name of this extenstion.
Register If true, this extension will be available to the DXCore. Otherwise, it will be hidden.
Useable Sets the availability of this Intellassist Extension in different contexts, such as: in comments, in strings, in methods, in classes or anywhere.

Events list:

Event name Description
GetSuggestions Occurs when Intellassist is triggered. Handle this event to provide a list of your custom suggestions.
SuggestionAccepted Occurs when a suggestion provided by this Intellassist extension is accepted by the user.

See the “Creating a custom CodeRush Intellassist extension” to learn more about this DXCore component.

Products: DXCore, CodeRush Pro
Versions: 11.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Oct/18/2011
ID: D120

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