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IDE Tools Unavailable Contexts options page

September 21st, 2011

The Unavailable Contexts options page shows the list of DXCore contexts and its default values that may not always be available in IDE Tools:

CodeRush Unavailable Contexts options page


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This could be the case when you have removed the plug-in containing a context, but a context is stored and used somewhere in the setting files (e.g. a keyboard shortcut or template). Once a context that does not actually exist is being checked, you will see the following dialog:

CodeRush Context Unavailable dialog

Choose a default value for the context whether it is satisfied or not satisfied by default. Your choice is saved on the Unavailable Context page inside the CodeRush Options Dialog, if you tick the “Remember this response” checkbox.

An entry in the list on the options page has a small icon indicating your choice:

  • DXCore Context satisfied ) satisfied when absent or
  • ( DXCore Context not satisfied ) not satisfied when absent

Click an icon to change the default value of a context. You can remove an entry from the list by clicking the Delete button and confirm the deletion:

CodeRush Confirm Delete unavailable context

If the removed context is being checked again and it still does not exist, the Context Unavailable dialog will appear again, asking you to specify a default value.

Products: DXCore, CodeRush and Refactor!
Versions: 11.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Sep/21/2011
ID: T050

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