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The support of multi-selection for Visual Studio by CodeRush

July 27th, 2012

The Visual Studio IDE has a great box selection feature that allows you to select a rectangular region of text within the code editor by holding down the Alt key while selecting the text region with the mouse:

Visual Studio box selection

However, the selected region should represent a single continuous selection box. In other words, you can not select multiple parts of the source code. But with the help of the CodeRush Multi-Select feature you can do that easily. This feature allows you to create multiple selections in the source code or a typical text in the active text document as follows:

CodeRush Multi-Select preview

You can cut, copy, paste or simply delete the multi-selected text in a single action via default shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V). Text selections are contained within the Multi-Select stack. You can have any number of stacks for each opened text document in the IDE.

Furthermore, the Multi-Select feature provides an additional action called Integrated Paste. It becomes available in the right-click code editor context menu if you have copied several members of a class into Clipboard:

Integrated Paste in the context menu

The integrated paste inserts copied members in a specific order: methods to method, properties to properties, fields to fields etc. In other words, when you paste fields and properties, the copied fields will be moved near existing fields and new properties will be pasted right over other properties of the destination class. This feature might be very useful to rearrange members of a class when moving them to a different class.

The main purpose of the Multi-Select feature is to simplify source code edits. Consider the following code:

Contact sample class

This class contains many properties. We can refactor this code by creating separate classes for the specific data. Let’s select the required properties and cut them:

Contact sample class with CodeRush Multi-Selection

then, paste them into a separate class:

Name class extracted

And apply the same technique to other data, so we end up with this:

Contact class extraction result

The original code will look like this:

Contact class result

This code is now much easier to read and understand.

The following Multi-Select shortcuts are available by default:

Shortcut Action Description
Ctrl+Alt+Enter MultiSelectAdd Adds the current selection into the Multi-Select stack. If there is no selection, the current language element will be automatically selected.
Ctrl+Alt+Backspace MultiSelectClear Clears the current stack.
Ctrl+Alt+Num- MultiSelectUndo Removes the previous added selection from the stack.
Ctrl+Alt+Num+ MultiSelectRedo The opposite of the MultiSelectUndo to restore the removed selection.

Note that if you don’t have an active text selection, the Multi-Select feature will automatically expand the selection the same way as you would execute the Selection Increase command.

The Multi-Select feature is available out of the box. It was created as an open source plug-in in two CodeRush Feature Workshop webinars:



You can see how it was built from scratch and learn more on how to create CodeRush plug-ins.

The feature has a single option page (Editor | Selections | MultiSelect) in the Options Dialog that allows you to tweak the default highlighting color of a multi-selection piece.

You can also extend this feature programmatically via the DXCore MultiSelect service.

Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 12.1 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and up
Updated: Aug/03/2012
ID: C170

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