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A new button for the DXCore Visualize toolbar – Clear Solution Cache

April 9th, 2012 Comments off
NOTE: please take into account the “Versions” field at the bottom of the post, to determine the build number for which the content is applied. Click here to see the latest officially released version.

The DXCore Visualize toolbar now has a new button – Clear Solution Cache:

Clear Solution Cache on the DXCore Visialize Toolbar

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DXCore Services – Menus

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

The Menus DXCore service provides access to Visual Studio and DXCore menus.

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Navigation – Step Into Member

November 29th, 2010 2 comments

The Step Into Member navigation feature is used in Debug mode only. It allows you to skip unnecessary members while debugging and drill down into the member you choose.

Consider that you are debugging some source code and the current statement has numerous method calls and property references:

IncreaseSalary(FindPersonById(GetPersonId(LastName, FirstName, Age)), Salary)

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Shared Source – Show Metrics

November 29th, 2010 Comments off

CodeRush Pro includes the Show Metrics (also known as Code Metrics) visualization feature, which is indented to evaluate code metrics right in the code editor while you are writing and/or reviewing the code. It shows a specific code metric for each method, property or event (with add and remove methods) near its declaration:

CodeRush ShowMetrics preview

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Visualization – Member Icons

November 12th, 2010 Comments off

The Member Icons visualization feature shows small icons over each member (method, property, field, etc) or type (class, struct, interface, etc). These icons appear to the left of a target member or type:

CodeRush Member Icons Visibility preview

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Shared Source – Right Margin Line

September 24th, 2010 Comments off

Good code style suggests limiting the length of a code line to 80 characters, and only 70 characters for indented code examples to be used in documentation. The Right Margin Line helps you to visually indicate the specified line length. It doesn’t prevent typing to the right of it, but lets you to identify and break long expressions over multiple lines.

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Visualization – Flow Break Icons

September 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Flow break icons (also known as Flow Break Evaluation feature) are visual indicators appearing in the code editor at the end of lines containing code that can alter the flow of program execution. Flow break icons are useful when reviewing complex code with multiple loops and/or breaks – these icons are drawn near the flow language keywords (see the table below) which help you understand the code flow evaluation.

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Shared Source – Comment Painter

September 22nd, 2010 Comments off

The Comment Painter feature draws a bubble icon over the comment “//” symbols in CSharp, or “ ‘ ” (single quote) in Visual Basic. The source code of this feature shows how to paint bitmaps on the code editor. If the comment is active (e.g. text caret is located inside the comment) then no icon is drawn, allowing you edit the comment.

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