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The References tool window also known as Find All References

October 12th, 2012 2 comments

The References tool window is designed to search, navigate and review the identifier references in the entire solution. This is what it looks like:

CodeRush References Tool Window

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A new button for the DXCore Visualize toolbar – Clear Solution Cache

April 9th, 2012 Comments off
NOTE: please take into account the “Versions” field at the bottom of the post, to determine the build number for which the content is applied. Click here to see the latest officially released version.

The DXCore Visualize toolbar now has a new button – Clear Solution Cache:

Clear Solution Cache on the DXCore Visialize Toolbar

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Visualization – XML Doc Comments Painter

May 31st, 2011 2 comments

The XML Doc Comments Painter feature of CodeRush Pro paints over XML documentation comments in the code editor, so they are easier to read in a nice-looking form. It visually replaces all XML doc tags and make them hidden, and leave the important information only:

CodeRush XML Doc Comments Painter preview

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Visualization – Comment Highlighter

March 10th, 2011 Comments off

Occasionally you may need to note a place in a source file that needs to be revisited later for correction or improvements. There are three standard codes used to designate such places: TODO, HACK and UNDONE. Visual Studio has the built-in Task List tool window, which shows the list of such comments. To open the list, go to View menu -> Task List:

Visual Studio Task List

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Visualization – Line Highlighter

March 5th, 2011 Comments off

As the name says, the Line Highlighter feature visually indicates the current line in the Visual Studio code editor. Such a visual line indication allows you to quickly find where the tiny flashing text caret is. This is especially valuable for large screen resolutions. This is what it looks like:

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Visualization – Element Highlighting

December 13th, 2010 8 comments

Element Highlighting visualization feature paints identifiers inside source code in a different color according to your preference. It can paint the following elements:

  • classes
  • structures
  • interfaces
  • enumerations
  • methods
  • properties
  • fields
  • events
  • anonymous elements

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CodeRush Pro visualization features

December 6th, 2010 Comments off

CodeRush Pro ships with the following code editor visualization features:

Comment Painter

The Comment Painter feature draws a bubble icon over the comment “//” symbols in CSharp, or “ ‘ ” (single quote) in Visual Basic.

Comment Highlighter

Comment Highlighter is intended to visually highlight your TODO comments; it can either increase the contrast of entire TODO comment or completely change the color of both TODO word and the rest of the comment.

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Shared Source – Show Metrics

November 29th, 2010 Comments off

CodeRush Pro includes the Show Metrics (also known as Code Metrics) visualization feature, which is indented to evaluate code metrics right in the code editor while you are writing and/or reviewing the code. It shows a specific code metric for each method, property or event (with add and remove methods) near its declaration:

CodeRush ShowMetrics preview

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