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String.Format-specific refactorings shipped in Refactor! Pro

August 31st, 2011 Comments off

Refactor! Pro provides several refactorings to create and organize the .NET String.Format call. The String.Format call is a static method that receives a string that specifies where the following arguments should be inserted, and how they should be formatted. You can specify the display options for each argument individually using the String.Format call.

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Refactorings – Remove Parameter

August 13th, 2010 Comments off

Also known as Remove Unused Parameter. This refactoring removes an unused parameter from a method declaration, and updates all calls accordingly. It is very useful when a parameter is no longer used by the method body. A spurious parameter doesn’t cause any problems, and you probably might need it again later. But most of the time this is the wrong choice, because a parameter indicates information that is needed. In this case, a caller has to worry about what values to pass for a fictitious, unused parameter. By not removing the parameter you are making further work for everyone who uses the method.

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