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Refactorings that work with strings – Use Environment.NewLine

November 25th, 2011 Comments off

The Use Environment.NewLine refactoring is one of the simplest refactoring shipped in DevExpress Refactor! Pro which improves code portability. This refactoring replaces the “\r\n” string with the value of the Environment.NewLine property reference. The Environment.NewLine is a static string property from the System namespace that is tied to the current executing environment (platform). It returns a valid “line feed/carriage return” string that corresponds to the current operating system, for example: ā€œ\r\nā€ for Windows platforms, or a string containing just a line feed (ā€œ\nā€œ) for Unix platforms.

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Code Issues – Environment.NewLine can be used

March 19th, 2011 Comments off


When working with strings that contain multiple lines of text, you have to add newline characters to your strings, so each line is separated with a line break. Line breaks are often added by inserting a carriage return line feed escape characters. This can cause cross-platform compatibility issues, because your code might end up being compiled under Mono in Unix, for example.

The “Environment.NewLine can be usedCodeRush code issue shows a suggestion to convert escape characters (“\r\n“) inside your code into the constant value defined in .NET Framework. Changing these strings to the Environment.NewLine constant will, firstly, improve the code clarity, so you don’t have to use escape characters, and, secondly, fix potential platforms portability issues – so, you don’t have to be concerned about such problems.

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