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Clipboard Tools – Paste Replace Word

December 27th, 2010 Comments off

Once you have a word (identifier) on the clipboard, you can easily replace any different word (identifier) with the one on the clipboard using Ctrl+B shortcut. The Paste Replace CodeRush action will select the word (identifier) at the caret before pasting in the contents of the clipboard, so you don’t have to select it first.

Here is an example. Consider that we have the Location property, which should be returning the default “Unknown” value, but currently it returns null. Let’s see how the Paste Replace Word feature will be useful here:

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CodeRush Xpress selection features

July 5th, 2010 Comments off

CodeRush Xpress includes five intelligent features for selecting code more efficiently.

Camel Case Select

If you need to select one or more words from inside a camel-case identifier, just use the Shift key along with the Camel Case Nav keys (Alt+Shift+Left/Right).

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