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CodeRush Features Statistics options page

June 13th, 2012 Comments off

The Features Statistics options page is the part of the Features UI engine. It shows the execution count of a particular feature. The options page is located in the Core category of the Options Dialog:

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CodeRush Features options page

June 13th, 2012 Comments off

The Features options page in the Core category of the Options Dialog provides access to the Feature UI engine. The engine controls the feature execution, shows the What Happened hint when a particular CodeRush feature is executed, and allows you to turn it off if you don’t need it. The What Happened hint is also shown when a conflict shortcut exists with Visual Studio IDE. In this case you can choose which feature should be performed by default whether it is Visual Studio one or CodeRush one.

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DXCore Services – Feature

June 13th, 2012 Comments off

The Feature DXCore service provides access to the Feature engine (the What Happened window). The features list is available on the Core | Features options page in the Options Dialog. The engine also collects features execution count statistics on the Core | Features Statistics options page.

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CodeRush Code Issues overall list

February 11th, 2011 Comments off

Here is the list of code issues shipped in the latest official version of CodeRush Pro. All issues are categorized by their type. Read more…

CodeRush Pro visualization features

December 6th, 2010 Comments off

CodeRush Pro ships with the following code editor visualization features:

Comment Painter

The Comment Painter feature draws a bubble icon over the comment “//” symbols in CSharp, or “ ‘ ” (single quote) in Visual Basic.

Comment Highlighter

Comment Highlighter is intended to visually highlight your TODO comments; it can either increase the contrast of entire TODO comment or completely change the color of both TODO word and the rest of the comment.

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IDE tools “What Happened?” (Feature UI) window

August 24th, 2010 Comments off

The “What happened?” window (also known as the “Feature UI” window) appears in the bottom right corner each time a particular IDE tools feature is activated, to inform you what’s going on inside Visual Studio IDE. In the majority of cases, the window is used to simplify learning of the CodeRush specific features. This window informs you of the performed feature, and may suggest the following choices:

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What does my IDE environment look like after IDE tools are installed

August 24th, 2010 Comments off

The first two things you’ll notice in the IDE (once everything is loaded) include:

  • The DevExpress menu. Trough the menu you can access add-in related tool windows, configure options, check for updates, unload tools, etc.



The toolbar contains a set of toggle buttons allowing you to turn on/off the visualization features CodeRush provides.

Products: CodeRush Pro and Refactor! Pro
Versions: all
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Nov/29/2012
ID: T026

Getting up to speed with IDE tools

August 16th, 2010 Comments off

How to learn the product tips:

  • Dock the CodeRush Training window (DevExpress | Tool Windows | CodeRush) next to the editor. The CodeRush Training tool window shows you features that can be used while the cursor is at the current position, and is designed to help you learn much of CodeRush and Refactor! without diving into the User Guide.
  • Read the User Guide. From the DevExpress menu select “User Guide”. Use the tree list to drill into topics of interest.
  • Access training videos through the DevExpress menu or via this link.
  • Watch online videos at DevExpress TV Channel.
  • Subscribe to this blog.

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