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Shared Source – Comment Painter

September 22nd, 2010 Comments off

The Comment Painter feature draws a bubble icon over the comment “//” symbols in CSharp, or “ ‘ ” (single quote) in Visual Basic. The source code of this feature shows how to paint bitmaps on the code editor. If the comment is active (e.g. text caret is located inside the comment) then no icon is drawn, allowing you edit the comment.

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Shared Source – Collapse to Projects

September 22nd, 2010 2 comments

The “Collapse to Projects” feature is an action from the open source CodeRush plug-ins samples solution that organizes your Solution Explorer when there are too many projects and sub-folders expanded. This feature is built into the Solution Explorer context menu under the last Properties item:

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CodeRush – Shared Source Solution

September 22nd, 2010 Comments off

CodeRush Pro is shipping with a plug-ins sample solution called “Shared Source”. It has several projects with open source plug-ins that are intended for learning plug-ins development using the DXCore framework. This solution is located inside your installation folder, e.g.:

C:\Program Files\DevExpress 2010.1\IDETools\System\CodeRush\SOURCES

You’re welcome to modify and compile the source code as you like.

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Shared Source – Structural Highlighting

August 20th, 2010 Comments off

Structural Highlighting helps you visually navigate the structure of the code. Matching delimiters are connected with low-contrast lines (you can configure the color of the line for each type of code block individually) that are easy to read when this information is important, and easy to ignore when your mind is on the code. For example, see the vertical and horizontal lines in this code sample:

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