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CodeRush Features options page

June 13th, 2012

The Features options page in the Core category of the Options Dialog provides access to the Feature UI engine. The engine controls the feature execution, shows the What Happened hint when a particular CodeRush feature is executed, and allows you to turn it off if you don’t need it. The What Happened hint is also shown when a conflict shortcut exists with Visual Studio IDE. In this case you can choose which feature should be performed by default whether it is Visual Studio one or CodeRush one.

This is what the Features options page looks like:

CodeRush Features options page

The Show Feature UI window option controls the availability of the What Happened hint. If it is unchecked, you will never see the hint; otherwise, the hint is shown every time the CodeRush feature is executed.

The When conflicting shortcuts exist option allows you to choose the default preferred shortcut when CodeRush shortcut conflicts with Visual Studio. The chosen conflicting shortcut (CodeRush one or Visual Studio one) will be executed by default without further notification.

The When feature is being executed option allows you to specify the default action for the CodeRush feature: whether it should be allowed or suppressed. If you choose “allow”, the feature will be executed as expected; otherwise, the feature will be suppressed and the What Happened hint will appear (if enabled).

After all options there is a tree list of features executed previously. It is populated every time a new CodeRush feature is executed. The list shows the feature name, its description and state. All features are grouped by categories.

The state of a feature can be of four values:

  • Enable feature. The feature is enabled without restriction. No What Happened window appears for this feature in this state.
  • Disable feature. The feature is disabled (suppressed), no execution allowed. No What Happened window appears for this feature in this state.
  • Mixed (only for groups). This state is shown for groups when they have features of both states: enabled and disabled.
  • Show Feature window and apply default action. The feature is registered and not suppressed. The What Happened hint will appear for this feature (if enabled).
Products: all
Versions: 12.1 and up
VS IDEs: 2008 and up
Updated: Jun/13/2012
ID: T059

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