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Code Issues configuration and options

May 30th, 2011

CodeRush Code Issues configuration is available inside the IDE Tools Options Dialog and also in the Options Dialog of the Visual Studio. The main set of options is located on the Editor | Code Analysis | Code Issues options page:

CodeRush Code Issues options page

Available options are:

Option Name Description
Enabled Toggles the availability of the Code Issues analysis.
Show a Code Fix hint when hovering over issues in the code editor Specifies whether a Code Fix hint should be shown when the mouse cursor is hovering over issue’s highlighting.
Enable solution wide analysis Specifies whether Code Issues analysis should analyze all source files in a background together with the opened file.
Check designer generated files Specifies whether or not to check compiler or designer generated files.
Enabled Project/File Bar Specifies the visibility of the Project/File Bar.
Show magnifying window when file indicator width drops below [X] files Specifies the minimal number of pixels when the Magnifier window appears.
Show [X] files in magnifying window Specifies the number of files shown in the Magnifier window.

You can also toggle the Code Issues Analysis on or off on the DXCore Visualize Toolbar:

CodeRush Code Issues on the DXCore Visualize Toolbar

The other options, such as colors of the different code issue types underlining, are available inside the Visual Studio configuration dialog.

From the main IDE window, go to Tools | Options…, then Environment | Fonts and Colors:

Visual Studio Fonts and Colors IDE Options Dialog

In the “Display items:” list you can find the following Code Issues related items (see code issue types):

Item Caption Description
Dead Code Color of the dead code issues (gray font)
On-the-fly Error Color of the red wavy underlines (e.g. undeclared elements)
On-the-fly Hint Color for the blue wavy underlines (suggestions/hints)
On-the-fly Warning Color for the yellow wavy underlines (warnings)
Code Smell  {light} Color for the green wavy underlines (code smells)
Code Smell  {moderate} Reserved, not used.
Code Smell  {severe} Reserved, not used.

For the all items above, you can change the “Item foreground” color option. For the “Dead Code” item you can also change the “Item background” color property.

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Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: 10.2 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Jul/25/2011
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