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How to request a daily build of DevExpress IDE Tools

March 28th, 2011

If you have registered a bug via the DevExpress Support Services, you are welcome to request a daily build, containing the fix for the issue, as soon as it is marked as fixed. Click on the “Request Fix” link on the issue’s page:

DevExpress Support Center - Request Fix button

After requesting a build, the Support Team will prepare one and post it. It might take a few hours to prepare the build. Note, if the build containing the fix is going to be released officially soon, you might need to wait for some time until it is released. Usually, at this time, there are no build with the fixes provided.

Likewise, if you are a DevExpress registered customer, and you’d like to test the latest daily build of IDE Tools, you can drop a note to support@devexpress.com. Also, you can ask a question, requesting a daily build, via the Support Center. The Support Team will prepare and share the link to download the latest build once it is ready.

Visit the DevExpress version info page, to learn more about the most recent versions of products and obtain instructions on how to update them.

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