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Unbound Actions – Clear Project Cache

February 16th, 2011

The Clear Project Cache action invalidates the IDE Tools cache for the current solution. The solution cache represents an on-disk cache, containing important information for all projects for every solution you had opened, such as metadata, project symbols, code issues stuff, etc. This cache is built for every solution while it is opened and parsed, and maintained by DXCore automatically.

It would seem that occasionally the cache can become corrupt and this will lead to inaccurate behavior of the CodeRush/Refactor! products. One of the examples of such behavior is that symbol references cannot be found (resolved), so you can’t navigate between them. In this case, you may see numerous undeclared element code issues if you have this feature turned on.

To fix the corrupted cache issue, you can manually delete it. By default, the cache folders are located here:

%AppData%\CodeRush for VS .NET\1.1\AssemblyCache
%AppData%\CodeRush for VS .NET\1.1\SolutionCache

You can safely remove all of its content – the cache will be automatically recreated when the next solution is opened.

The other way to invalidate (clear) the cache is to use the Clear Project Cache action. The action is not bound to any key, so you might want to do it via the Shortcuts options page:

1. From the DevExpress menu, select “Options…” to open the Options Dialog.
2. In the tree view on the left, navigate to this folder: IDE
3. Select the “Shortcuts” options page.
4. Add a new keyboard shortcut, and bind it to the “Clear Project Cache” command.

Once the key is pressed, the performed action will invalidate the cache, and hopefully fix issues you see.

Products: all
Versions: 10.2 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Aug/30/2011
ID: T041

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