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November 22nd, 2010

The Action Hints options page manages settings for DXCore action hints.

DXCore Action hints options page

The following hint options are available:

Option name


Enabled Globally enables or disables action hints availability.
Fade In Determines whether or not an action hint will fade in (from transparent to the final Opacity setting) when it first appears. If unchecked, action hints will appear immediately.
Fade Out Determines whether or not the action hint will fade out (from its Opacity setting to completely transparent) when it closes. If unchecked, action hints will disappear immediately.
Display Time Determines how long (in milliseconds) an action hint will appear before closing.
Font Name The font name for the text of action hints.
Font Size The font size for the text of action hints.
Opacity The opacity of action hints.

The “Test” button is used for action hints appearance testing.

Under the global settings section there is a list of features which have been performed. You can specify additional display options for the action hints associated with these features:

Option name


Never show this hint The action hint will never be displayed for the selected feature.
Display this hint the first ### times that this feature is used The number of times the action hint for the selected feature should be displayed before it is suppressed. If you want your action hint to be displayed this many times every IDE session, then check the Reset display count each time I start Visual Studio option.
Reset display count each time I start Visual Studio Resets the display count for the selected feature each time DXCore/CodeRush loads.
Always display hint when this action is performed The action hint will be displayed each time the selected feature is executed.

In addition, there is statistical info shown for the selected feature – how many times this feature has been performed.

Products: DXCore, CodeRush, Refactor!
Versions: 10.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Nov/22/2010
ID: T034

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