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CodeRush object for accessing to DXCore services

November 15th, 2010

The CodeRush object provides access to DXCore/CodeRush services. Historically it was called CodeRush, because DXCore framework was not decoupled from the CodeRush product at the beginning; in other words, DXCore did not exist at that time. Today, it should technically be called DXCore.

The full list of services accessible through CodeRush object can be seen in the corresponding topic.

To programmatically use this object you have to reference the DevExpress.CodeRush.Core assembly in your project. The object is located in the same named DevExpress.CoreRush.Core namespace. Note that when you create a DXCore based plug-in this assembly is automatically referenced and the namespace is added for you into the source code of a plug-in.

For example, the CodeRush object has a property “Breakpoint” of type BreakpointServices, which in turn has properties and methods you can use. This service (Breakpoint) provides methods for retrieving and toggling breakpoints in the IDE code editor. If you want to call BreakpointServicesToggle method, use code like this:


In general, every property and method you will need in DXCore (CodeRush) is accessed similarly to this example (e.g., CodeRush . ServiceName . PropertyOrMethod ).

There is a single method of the CodeRush object:



ShowURL Opens a web browser page inside Visual Studio IDE with the passed in URL address.

And two events:



Loaded Fired when CodeRush engine is loaded.
Unloading Fired when CodeRush engine is being unloaded.
Products: DXCore
Versions: 10.1 and up
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Nov/15/2010
ID: D035

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