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Visualization – Region Painting

September 15th, 2010

CodeRush can paint region directives (#region, #endregion) in a different way than Visual Studio, to reduce the visual noise associated with these directives when the region is expanded. Collapsed regions can also be painted in a different color, according to your preference. If your code is full of regions, the Region Painting visual feature will definitely help you to concentrate and focus on the code blocks instead of insignificant stuff.

Compare these two views of a source code with the disabled feature on the left side, and enabled feature on the right:

Isn’t the view on the right much better? No? OK, you’re able to disable it. By default, the Region Painting feature is enabled. You can disable on the DXCore Visualize toolbar which contains a set of toggle buttons allowing you to turn of/off the Visualization features.  You can also disable the feature within the “Editor | Painting | Region Painting” options page in the Options Dialog. Here, you can also specify the color settings of collapsed and expanded regions such as line color, fill color (background color) and text color:

Products: CodeRush Pro
Versions: all
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Dec/13/2010
ID: C022

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