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IDE tools User Guide

August 16th, 2010

The User Guide documents the DXCore and dependent products (such as CodeRush and/or Refactor! if they’re installed) and also includes documentation covering Visual Studio extensibility. This tutorial can be viewed by selecting “User Guide…” from the DevExpress menu. You can also view it by selecting “Guide” from the DevExpress | Tool Windows menu.

Window overview

The guide consists of an organized hierarchy of topics (the topic tree), a splitter, toolbar, and this content window. You can hide and display this tree list by double-clicking on the dark blue title bar/splitter directly above this text. When the tree list is visible, just above it, you’ll find the Topic Search edit and the topic history browse buttons. In the Search text box, you can enter a few characters of a topic title to display that topic immediately.

IDETools User Guide


You can position the topic tree above or adjacent to this content window. You can also have the topic tree view positioned automatically, based on the aspect ratio of the window.

If you would like this user guide to appear as a tabbed document among your source files, right-click on the caption bar of this user guide tool window and uncheck the “Dockable” entry. This will display the user guide in the document area.

Dynamic Content

Many sections of the user guide are dynamically generated based on current settings, state, and the plug-ins that you have loaded. Dynamic content ensures this guide will stay up to date, even as your IDE tools install changes with new modules, and as you explore and configure new features of the product.

Note: this user guide has the ability to document .NET classes using reflection and XML documentation comments. This technology is primarily used to document classes for extending DXCore, but it is also possible to drill down into .NET classes (providing those classes are available to our reflection code).

To learn more about User Guide window, see the “Working with the Guide” topic in the User Guide itself. To learn more about populating it with static and dynamic content – see the appropriate topic.

Products: DXCore, CodeRush Pro, Refactor! Pro
Versions: all
VS IDEs: any
Updated: Jun/19/2011
ID: T032

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