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DevExpress support and knowledge base

June 17th, 2010

Technical support is available in a variety of different forms. If you need technical support, please use one of the options listed below. Also, it is recommended that you review different help resources, provided by DevExpress, to help you use their products, before contacting to Support Team.

This is the primary channel where you can get answers to your questions, report bugs and make suggestions. Whenever you want to create a new issue (ask a question, post a bug or a request) they advise that you look through the currently posted issues. A similar issue may already have been reported, so you’ll find a quick answer.

Sending an e-mail to this address is an alternative to using the Support Center. You can e-mail to submit a bug report, request new features or ask any questions related to any DevExpress product. You are also welcome to request the current daily build sending a note to this e-mail.

Useful links:

Report a bug

Make a suggestion

Ask a question

You may also take a look at Knowledge Base. It contains useful information on DevExpress products that may save time.

DevExpressSearch Engine may answer questions as well.

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