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DevExpress Refactor! for ASP.NET

June 30th, 2010

Refactor! for ASP.NET integrates with Visual Studio to automate common code restructuring tasks also known as code refactoringRefactor! was designed to do these tasks with an absolute minimum of effort required from the developer. So, extracting a block of code into a method will automatically determine all parameters the block of code requires, and create the most appropriate method signature, insert the extracted code into it, and then add calling code at the location the code was extracted. All you need to do is to select the code to be extracted and where to put the new method, and Refactor! will take care of everything else.

Refactor for ASP.NET is absolutely free and designed specially for ASP.NET programming languages in Visual Studio .NET 2005 and up.

Key advantages of Refactor! for ASP.NET:

  • Many time-consuming and potentially error causing code rearrangement tasks you deal with everyday are performed automatically. In most cases, you can forget about copying pieces of code to the clipboard, pasting them to new locations and correcting expressions to match the syntax. You can forget about having to find and replace each and every variable, field or constant entry to change its name to avoid breaking your code. All you have to do is press a shortcut and choose the desired refactoring – and you automatically get the new code you need, which will compile and do exactly the same thing as your old code did.
  • When you write code, you focus on a single task. Assume that you are writing a method that uses the same number or string in several places, so you want to create a constant which will make it easier to manage the code. If you’re not using Refactor!, you’ll have to decide whether to create it immediately (moving the caret, introducing a constant, returning to the method you were writing) or introduce it after you’ve finished with the method (moving the caret, introducing the constant and then accurately replacing all the necessary entries). With Refactor!, you don’t have to choose – just write the code using your numbers or string – Refactor! will introduce a constant when you ask it to and it will replace all the entries so that you don’t have to jump round in your code. This means you can focus on the functionality and not the formatting and syntax. If you are writing a complex method and thinking of extracting a part of it into another method, you’ll be thrilled with Refactor!. Just concentrate on the method without worrying about the formatting, Refactor! will handle this for you. After you’ve finished, Refactor! will extract the piece of code you select, and automatically create the correct syntax. And there are many more examples…
Products: Refactor! for ASP.NET
Versions: 10.1 and up
VS IDEs: 2005 and up
Updated: Sep/26/2010
ID: R003

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